Tech-Con Automation ULC

Year Founded:1995
Annual Revenue:$10-25 million
Listing Last Updated:9/4/2015

Contact Information
Name:Ron Heyden - V.P. Sales & Marketing
1219 Corporate Drive
BurlingtonON L7L 5V5 Canada
Phone:905 639-4989 ext: 213
Fax:905 639-5376

Industries Served
appliancesautomation/controlautomotivemanufacturing--generalmaterial handling
packagingaerospace/aircraftbottling/canningbrewing/distillingdiscrete manufacturing
food/beveragelife sciences

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalcontrol panelsfactory automationHMImachine design/control
turnkey systemsvision systemsautomated weldingautomatic guided vehiclesCAD/documentation

Product Experience
Allen-BradleyBalluffCognexFANUC RoboticsFesto
HoffmanRockwell AutomationRockwell SoftwareYaskawaABB
AutomationDirectBaldorBanner EngineeringBeckhoff AutomationBosch-Rexroth
General ElectricJohnson ControlsKeyenceOmron ElectronicsParker
RittalSick Optics

Corporate Affiliations
FANUC RoboticsYaskawaABB

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
Since its inception in 1995, Tech-Con Automation has been building a tradition of quality Robotic Systems and proven Integrated Solutions. We have grown to become a leading source for Pallet Based Assembly lines, Material Handling, Water jet and Industrial Automation. We take pride in providing designers and manufacturers with a dependable and efficient source for their projects. From machining, fabrication, mechanical and electrical services to project management and engineering, Tech-Con Automation is a one-stop source for complete automation solutions. Our customer focus approach allows us to engineer and integrate controls and custom automated systems globally.