Disseny i Automatitzacio Industrials Tecnics, S.L.

Year Founded:2008
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:4/18/2013

Contact Information
Name:Ivan Guillem - Electric Engineer
Rda. Sant Pere, 314
SantpedorBCN 08251 Spain

Corporate Resume
Disseny i Automatitzacio Industrials Tecnics, SL (DAITEC) has been always focused on special machines and applications for industrial processes, adapted to the needs of the clients in order they get the maximum performance of their installations and quality for their production. The range of the engineering carried out in DAITEC includes designing and assembling of electrical cabinets, robotic systems, PLC programming, SCADA, artificial vision and also technical assistance and industrial maintenance.

Areas Served
European UnionEurope

Engineering Specialties
electrical engineeringPLCsroboticsSCADA
vision systemselectrical cabinets design and assembly

Product Experience
Bosch-RexrothOmron ElectronicsProgeaSchneider Electric