MARS Automation, Inc

Year Founded:1997
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:6/28/2012

Contact Information
Name:Rick Santillan - Partner
1478 East Mission Blvd
PomonaCA 91766 United States

Industries Served
food/beveragemanufacturing--generalmedical/health carepackaging

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
PLCsroboticsvision systemsSCARA robotsindexers
feeder bowls

Product Experience
Adept TechnologyCognexControl Technology CorpIntelligent ActuatorKeyence

Corporate Affiliations
Adept TechnologyAutomationDirectCognexControl Technology CorpIntelligent Actuator

Corporate Resume
MARS Automation designs and builds custom automated machinery, providing service to numerous industries including aerospace, medical, manufacturing, packaging and food. The company can also retrofit any element of a client's machine, including the electrical panel assembly, programming and user interface. Systems that MARS Automation has designed and built have incorporated rotary indexes, feeder bowls, pick-n-place robots, vision systems and UV bake technologies. Their facility supports short-run CNC work, fabrication and plasma cutting.