Versa Tech Automation, LLC

Year Founded:1978
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:7/10/2013

Contact Information
Name:Tommy Johnson - Business Development
1317 Cahill Dr
LexingtonKY 40504 United States

Corporate Resume
Since 1978, Versa Tech Automation (VTA) has provided engineering, design, software programming, fabrication, systems installation and start-up of production systems to the automotive, appliance, lighting, plastic, chemical processing, food industries and the Department of Defense. VTA provides Controls & Instrumentation, Industrial, Mechanical and Electrical engineering services in assisting our customers in becoming more LEAN, more AUTOMATED and more PROFITABLE. VTA offers solutions which solve the information delivery requirements, between the plant, production control and the company administration. VTA provides the design, documentation, testing, commissioning and training for the software programming of the controls & instrumentation system. VTA provides the PLC, HMI and SCADA systems programming. The HMI screens will be graphical representations of the process flow diagrams to include the necessary navigation buttons to allow operators to navigate through the process flow. The SCADA System will include reports, real-time trends, historical trends, security and alarming. VTA provides the design and layout of all the electrical enclosures, HMI and SCADA panels. VTA provides design, design–build and software programming of Information Technology (IT) Systems supporting industrial processes. Through the design and implementation of these IT systems the status of production rates, product quality, equipment parameters and production alarms are automatically reported from the plant floor to operators, supervisors and management. The VTA Information Technology (IT) Systems results and benefits: • Design, Build, Installation of industrial process State-of-the-Art system • Operator Interface Terminals (OIT) with Touch screens • Ethernet based communications • Real-time data acquisition stored in a Microsoft Access® database • RFID and bar code material tracking • Production equipment and processes monitoring, analysis and control, to create a Pull "Customer-Supplier" relationship in the Value Stream • Kanban management • Support LEAN and Kaizen initiatives • Quality measurement data • SPC and Trending analysis

Industries Served
appliancesautomotivegovernment/defensemedical/health care
security/correctionsoffice products

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
HMImotors/motion controlnetworking/commPLCs
product tracking/identvision systems

Product Experience
Allen-BradleyEmerson AutomationMitsubishiPro-face
Rockwell AutomationSchneider ElectricSiemens

Corporate Affiliations
Allen-BradleyRockwell Automation

Professional Affiliations
IIE bNFPA aSociety for Health Systems