Vista Automation

Year Founded:2007
Annual Revenue:$5-10 million
Listing Last Updated:8/2/2016

Contact Information
Name:Ammar Hammad - Director
P O Box 34797
DubaiDubai 12335 United Arab Emirates
Phone:+97144214960 ext: 100

Industries Served
aluminumautomation/controlbiotechnologybottling/canningdiscrete manufacturing
fiber opticsoil/gasutilitieswater/wastewaterdistrict cooling
pumping stations

Areas Served
Middle EastNorthern Africa

Engineering Specialties
21 CFR Part 11automation--generalbatch processingcontrol panelsDCS
HMIinstr/data acquisitionPLCsSCADA

Product Experience
Endress + HauserOSIsoftPepperl + FuchsPhoenix ContactProSoft
Red Lion ControlsRittalRockwell AutomationRockwell SoftwareSiemens

Corporate Affiliations
GE Automation & ControlsOSIsoftPepperl + FuchsPhoenix ContactProSoft
Red Lion ControlsRittalRockwell AutomationSiemensSIXNET

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
Vista Automation is a leading industrial automation solutions provider offering services in the Middle East region and covering a wide range of applications and processes including Oil & Gas, Utilities, and Manufacturing. We offer turnkey integrated PLC/SCADA based solutions as well as DCS based solutions for discrete, batch, and continuous processes. We distinguish ourselves by providing well-engineered solutions with significant focus on the application software development and testing. We guarantee the delivery of a ready-to-run system that does not require lengthy or stressful commissioning. As a result, the system will continue to run smoothly and have little or no production interruptions and downtime. This guarantee comes from the dedication and competency of our engineering team, hence the basis of our vision for the "Peace of mind that our solutions bring" to our customers. Our commitment to the success of our customers and the systems we develop helped our growth as a company and enabled us to achieve steady progress resulting in continuous business with our existing customer base as well as new business resulting from our glowing record of accomplishment.