Aurigin Technology Pte Ltd

Year Founded:2001
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:7/15/2010

Contact Information
Name:Peter Kahn - Director USA Operations
2702 E Verbena Dr
PhoenixAZ 85048 United States
Phone:(480) 704-1770

Corporate Resume
Aurigin Technology is in the business of designing, developing, and manufacturing automation machines and manufacturing solutions for advanced semiconductor packaging and smart labels/RFIDs as well as for new developmental products such as optoelectronics, MEMS, and photonics.

Industries Served
machinerysemiconductorhard disk process machineRFID assembly machine

Engineering Specialties
computer softwaredesigns/specificationselectrical engineeringmechanical engineering
motors/motion controlproduct tracking/identvision systemssystems engineering
process developmentvision guided placement