Year Founded:2005
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:8/19/2015

Contact Information
Name:Jason Hwang - Managing Director
PyeongChon-Daero 239, Suite 613
Anyang 14047 South Korea

Corporate Resume
BridgeWare was founded in 2005 by a team of automation software veterans to address tough challenge in the automation industry: interconnecting disparate control systems together and bringing the control data to the Enterprise systems. Each of its key members has 20+ years experience in automation industry covering OPC connectivity solutions, Historians, HMIs and Alarm Management Solutions. Having worked for Emerson and GE for 8+ years, Jason Hwang, CEO, has a good partnership with major DCS/PLC vendors, SIs, ship builders and 150+ small and medium-sized systems integrators to deliver automation software solutions and services to customers in Korea, China, Middle East and other Asian countries. BridgeWare covers such industries as Power, Water, Utilities, Chemical, Consumer goods, Automotive, Steel and Life Sciences to name a few.

Industries Served
automation/controlcomputers/info systemswater/wastewaterbuilding automation

Areas Served
AsiaMiddle East

Engineering Specialties
computer softwaredata collection/reportingHMISCADA
information systemsinstallation/start-upinstr/data acquisitionsupervisory control
systems engineeringVisual BasicWeb technologydata processing/mgmnt

Product Experience
Emerson AutomationKepwareMatrikonOPCInduSoft
OSIsoftRockwell SoftwareSoftware ToolboxWonderware

Corporate Affiliations
InduSoftKepwareMatrikonOPCSoftware Toolbox
Allen-BradleyEmerson AutomationRockwell AutomationRockwell Software

Professional Affiliations
OPC Foundation