DS Handling Systems Ltd

Year Founded:1984
Annual Revenue:$10-25 million
Listing Last Updated:8/25/2015

Contact Information
Name:Jae Marr - Sales Manager
10 Centennial Rd
OrangevilleON L9W 1P8 Canada
Phone:519-941-4858 ext: 117

Industries Served
food/beveragemanufacturing--generalwarehousingpostal and courier

Areas Served
AsiaCaribbeanCentral AmericaEastern AfricaEurope
European UnionMiddle AfricaMiddle EastNorthern AfricaOceania
South AmericaSouthern AfricaWestern Africa

Engineering Specialties
conveying/sortingmanufacturing engineeringcarton conveyor systemshigh speed sortation systems pallet conveyor systems
postal and courier systemsmanufacturing systems truckloader conveyors

Corporate Resume
25 Years of Turn key System Installations in carton and Pallet Handling. Hardware Supply, mechanical and electrical installation services, automation and control design including CSA Certified Control Cabinet fabrication. Standard product lines manufactured in house include a full line of truck loading conveyors, vertical case and pallet conveyors, pallet dispensers, pallet handling conveyors and heavy duty unit handling conveyor hardware.