Fairmount Automation, Inc.

Year Founded:1997
Annual Revenue:Over $50 million
Listing Last Updated:10/11/2021

Contact Information
4621 West Chester Pike
Newtown SquarePA 19073 United States

Corporate Resume
Fairmount Automation is a leading provider of high-performance distributed control solutions for extreme environments. The Company is an original equipment manufacturer of rugged programmable automation controllers used to monitor and regulate industrial processes and machinery. It also provides advanced engineering services to investigate and develop automated damage control systems for U.S. Navy surface combatants, including the Navy’s next generation land attack destroyer. The Company is developing distributed intelligent systems that automatically detect and isolate equipment failures and reconfigure themselves to sustain the ship’s mission. Fairmount Automation has been delivering military-qualified control and data acquisition products and automation systems to the U.S. Navy since 1997. Today, over 1 in 3 ships in the U.S. Navy Fleet rely on Fairmount Automation equipment for mission-critical propulsion and auxiliary machinery control and monitoring systems.

Industries Served
controlled atmospheregovernment/defensemarinetransportation

Areas Served
AR-LA-OK-TXAsiaCanadaEuropean Union

Engineering Specialties
HMImachine design/controlnetworking/commPLCs
automated damage control systemsmil spec design and qualification

Product Experience
Our own productsRockwell AutomationSiemens

Professional Affiliations
IEEEISAAmerican Society of Naval Engineers