Combined Technologies, Ltd.

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Listing Last Updated:7/22/2015

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Name:Bob Stokes - Managing Director
16 Clarence St
Hamilton 3204 New Zealand
Phone:+64 7 957-9930
Fax:+64 7 957-9940

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CSIACSIA certified

Corporate Resume
CTEK offers a leading team of skilled engineers with a vast experience in all aspects of Automation and Integration applications, specialising in food and beverage, Pulp and Paper, and chemical industries. We are one of New Zealand’s largest Automation and Integration companies, providing services to Fonterra, NZ Aluminium Smelter, Norske Skog, and Livestock Improvement. •Plant floor automation and supervisory control systems •Optimising production processes •Providing Integration of plant data to Production Management Systems. •Plant Historians •Complex databases. •Process engineering •Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) •Animal Tracking, and automated drafting solutions.