AIV Solutions, LLC

Year Founded:1999
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:7/5/2022

Contact Information
Name:Arch Chawla - Manager, Automation
20,000 Horizon Way, Suite 100
Mount LaurelNJ 08054 United States

Corporate Resume
AIV Solutions, LLC is an automation / integration / validation company dedicated to the pharmaceutical / biotech/ chemical industries. Our engineers are well versed in FDA regulations as they apply to the software development and validation activities. Our engineers are intimately familiar with FDA's 21CFR Part 11 Final Rule for Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures. Our engineers are experienced in programming and validating batch and continuous applications written using several types of control systems such as ABB 800xA, MOD 300 and ADVANT, Siemens / Moore APACS, Fisher ProVox, RS-3 and DeltaV DCS, Rockwell Automation ControLogix, Factory Talk, Intellution and WonderWare Archestra and other batch packages. We have a very strong background in various chemical, pharmaceutical and Biotech process operations. We have interfaced with various vendor packages for the above unit operations. We have standards in place for software development and validation.

Industries Served
automation/controlbiotechnologychemical/petrochemicallife sciences
pharmaceuticalsprocessingspecialty chemicalsbuilding automation

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
21 CFR Part 11automation--generalbatch controlbatch processing
DCSinstallation/start-upPLCsprocess control
systems engineeringvalidationadvanced controlfactory automation
fermentationMESpilot plantscontrol panels
SCADAstaff augmentation

Product Experience
ABBAllen-BradleyRockwell AutomationRockwell Software
WonderwareEmerson AutomationHoneywellOSIsoft
SiemensTexas Instruments

Corporate Affiliations
ABBAllen-BradleyRockwell AutomationRockwell Software
WonderwareEmerson AutomationHoneywellOSIsoft

Professional Affiliations
CSIA certifiedCSS/IEEEFieldbus FoundationMESA International
OPC FoundationPMI