Telemetry & Control Systems Solutions

Year Founded:2006
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:3/27/2014

Contact Information
Name:Bill Dick - Project Manager
P.O. Box 8891
LakelandFL 33806 United States

Industries Served
water/wastewaterphosphate miningsolar power

Areas Served
CanadaDE-MD-VA-WV-NC-SC-GA-FLSouth AmericaAR-LA-OK-TXCaribbean

Engineering Specialties
advanced controlelectrical engineeringHMInetworking/commpetroleum engineering
PLCsproduct tracking/identSCADAPAC programmingenhanced oil recovery
natural gas hydraulic fracturingwater reclamation & dredging

Product Experience
Allen-BradleyGE DigitalRockwell SoftwareSIXNETTrihedral
Motorola Rajant

Corporate Affiliations
Rockwell AutomationTrihedralRajant

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
TCSS adheres to all to safety requirements and standards. Our employees are continually trained in safety and have MSHA and OSHA certification. TCSS is a current member of ISNetworld Compliance and consistently runs with a very low EMR. TCSS have been advanced VTScada programmers/system integrators since 2007. TCSS has hands-on experience with VTScada in numerous projects in several industries and in multiple countries. Involvement with VTSCADA includes remote access using Internet client, user-specific report, auto generated graphic displays, automatic historical data logging, sales, and advanced system integration. TCSS has over 400 kilowatts of solar sales. These include military contracts as well as the private sector. TCSS offers engineering, fabrication, and energy monitoring for solar projects. TCSS offers cellular modem products and solutions with corresponding wireless accounts for use in remote monitoring, control, and data acquisition/extraction with VPN security and VLAN capabilities. TCSS has several accounts in North & South America and Africa. TCSS uses Rajant systems for Mesh-Networks, and offers engineering and system integration solutions.