Grafcet Automacao e Comercio

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Listing Last Updated:1/31/2019

Contact Information
Rua Tuiuti, 1326
Sao Paulo, SP03081 Brazil
Phone:55 11 6225 1144
Fax:55 11 6941 0386

Industries Served

Areas Served
South America

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalelectrical engineeringHMIMESPLCs
product tracking/identproject planningSCADAtraining/education

Product Experience
AVEVAEmerson AutomationIntermecRockwell AutomationSchneider Electric

Corporate Affiliations
AVEVASchneider ElectricWonderware

Corporate Resume
Grafcet is a systems engineering enterprise that has been working with automation and integration industrial systems. Their main fields of performance are PLC projects (application programs and electric panels assembly, including start-up), technical specification for continuous and batch processes and specification for the equipment/instruments involved in the production system, process modeling through CASE's resources, developing front end applications by using Dephi/Visual Basic language with RDBMS such Oracle and MS-SQL, design and configuration of SCADA and MES products, and staff training.