RPT Motion Inc.

Year Founded:1981
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:5/15/2011

Contact Information
1460 Hymus Blvd.
DorvalQC H9P 1J6 United States
Phone:(514) 683-1612
Fax:(514) 684-0080

Industries Served
chemical/petrochemicalcoating/finishingconsumer productselectrical equipmentelectronics
fabricated metalsfood/beveragegovernment/defensemachinerymanufacturing--general
material handlingmedical/health carepackagingpharmaceuticalsprinting/converting
pulp/paperquality control/testresearch/developmentrubber/plastics/paintsemiconductor
steeltextiles/fiberswood products

Engineering Specialties
automated assemblyautomation--generalmachine design/controlmechanical engineeringmotors/motion control
packagingroboticssystems engineeringturnkey systems

Product Experience

Corporate Affiliations

Corporate Resume
RPT Motion specializes in modular linear motions systems for industrial automation since 1981. RPT Motion provides turnkey or component level, single or multi-axis systems based primarily around the RPT system of linear motion. Each axis can be controlled by stepper, servo, rodless or rod cylinder, and can be easily mated in custom configurations for mult-axis solutions. The company can provide the level of integration the customer desires, but most common is an integrated mechanical system ready for controls. They often work on end-user or in-plant designed automation, but supply systems at the OEM level as well.