Process Systems Integration

Year Founded:2016
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:3/3/2018

Contact Information
Name:brian pearson - Process automation manager
62a Skinburness Road
Wigton CA7 4QF United Kingdom

Industries Served
packagingpackaging filmrenewable filmlabels filmcellophane film
polypropylene film

Areas Served
EuropeMN-IA-MO-ND-SD-NE-KSAsiaOceaniaSouth America

Engineering Specialties
computer softwareinstr/data acquisitionprocess controlSCADAOPC integration
gauge integrationVisual Studio .Net application developmentfilm thickness gaugingprocess control

Product Experience
MicrosoftWAGOBVMMicro EpsilonTeledyne Dalsa
AvantesThermo Fisher

Corporate Affiliations
WAGOMicro EpsilonThermo Fisher

Professional Affiliations
OPC Foundation

Corporate Resume
Process Systems Integration has over 40 years experience developing and implementing process control systems and providing integration of disparate systems to provide high level SCADA and visualisation systems for improved process control.