Perigon Engineering

Year Founded:1982
Annual Revenue:$5-10 million
Listing Last Updated:5/20/2010

Contact Information
Name:Frank Jacobs - Instrument, Controls and IT Department Head
931 Industrial Dr.
MatthewsNC 28105 United States

Industries Served
automation/controlautomotivechemical/petrochemicalenergy--generalspecialty chemicals
textiles/fibersalternate/renewable energybiomassfilm

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
civil/structural engrDCSelectrical engineeringHMIinstr/data acquisition
mechanical engineeringPLCsprocess controlprocess piping

Corporate Affiliations
Rockwell Software

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
Since their establishment in 1982 as a resource to plant engineering, Perigon Engineering has built a reputation for quality engineering and design services. Perigon has grown from a single plant resource to a seasoned firm well experienced with entire plant designs and modifications. They are mechanical, chemical, electrical, structural, civil and automation engineers with a proven record of innovation and cost-effective solutions. This experience has helped the company become one of Charlotte's top 10 engineering firms. Their broad range of environmentally sound plant design experience brings value from feasibility assessment to project completion. They support their customers' need for value and Earth's need for care. They believe the things people depend on need to be produced in concert with the global environment. This is why Perigon is committed to leading the engineering design efforts in the renewable energy marketplace. From conceptual design through project startup, Perigon brings years of proven process automation excellence to a vast industry base. With a diverse history of batch and continuous controls utilizing DCS and PLC-based process automation platforms, Perigon has the solution for each client's automation needs.