Dynamic Structures and Materials, LLC

Year Founded:1998
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:8/30/2012

Contact Information
Name:Jeff Paine - President
114 SE Parkway Ct
Ste 160
FranklinTN 37064 United States

Industries Served
electrical equipmentlaboratoriesbiotechnologyconsumer productsmanufacturing--general
semiconductorPrecision motion controlCustom Electronics DesignCustom Machine DesignPiezoelectric Positioning Systems
Piezo Actuators

Areas Served
CanadaCaribbeanCentral AmericaEuropeEuropean Union
OceaniaSouth AmericaEastern AfricaMiddle AfricaMiddle East
Northern AfricaSouthern AfricaWestern Africa

Engineering Specialties
machine design/controlmotors/motion controlautomation--generalC/C++electrical engineering
instr/data acquisitionmechanical engineeringresearch/developmentCAD/documentationlaboratory automation
machine build/retrofitmachine toolsroboticsvision systemsVisual Basic
automated assemblytest/inspectionAir bearingsElectronics designPiezoelectric stages
Flexure designNanopositioning equipment

Product Experience
Our own productsDellFlukeNational InstrumentsAnalog Devices
AutodeskAutomationDirectBosch-RexrothDanaher MotionFesto
Hewlett-PackardMicrosoftParkerTexas InstrumentsYaskawa
Micro-EpsilonADE Technologies

Corporate Affiliations
National Instruments

Professional Affiliations
ASMEIEEEAmerican Society of Precision Engineering

Corporate Resume
Dynamic Structures and Materials, LLC (DSM) specializes in the design, development, integration, and support of micropositioning, nanopositioning, and robotic positioning devices and systems for precision motion control applications in the semiconductor, aerospace, medical, and research industries. DSM's core competencies in the design and integration of specialty piezoelectric actuators and stages, piezo amplifiers and drivers, and piezoelectric motors enable innovative positioning solutions for unique applications including extreme environments (vacuum, cryogenic). Similarly, DSM's familiarity with the implementation of air bearings and linear motors has enabled several unique system designs in response to challenging requirements. DSM has designed and developed the critical hardware and control electronics for a number of custom applications requiring both product design and system integration. Depending upon the application and customer requirements, DSM can integrate a complete motion system based on custom components and/or industry standard equipment including National Instruments motion products. DSM is a Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD).