RPM Automation Inc.

Year Founded:2005
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:2/20/2020

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Name:Stephen Goodwin - Sr Designer
Webber Greens PO Box 83018
EdmontonAB T5T 6S1 Canada

Corporate Resume
RPM Automation Inc. was formed in 2005 to answer the need for a smaller, flexible automation consulting company with over 45 person years of experience in the electronic/electrical/automation industry. RPM Automation delivers reliable high-tech solutions to enhance productivity and safety with focus on maximizing customer profitability. RPM Automation Inc. also teams with larger corporations to provide effective project solutions. RPM Automation Inc. provides expertise in the following * Root cause identification and resolution of intermittent problems * PLC control systems and PLC upgrades * HMI (Human Machine Interface) development * AC (VFD)/DC Drives * Industrial networks (planning, troubleshooting) * PLC-DCS communication * Wireless Plant communication solutions * Medium Voltage VFD commissioning (2300/4160/6600) * PLC, VFD training RPM Automation has worked in many industries such as: * Pulp/Paper - De-barker to finishing line * Oil and Gas - plants and pipelines * Water/wastewater treatment * Manufacturing; tires, food, steel, concrete products * Material handling/warehouse distribution systems In 2005, RPM Automation was contracted by an international integrator to provide a PLC solution for a large pipeline in Alaska. This was to control and monitor power distribution and backup generators at many pump stations during the 2005-2007 retrofit. 2007-2011 was busy with upgrading developing PLC/HMI solutions for two large manufacturing lines for garage doors. RPM Automation has been involved with other work in the automation and controls sector. We are often called upon to help troubleshoot issues with machines or a process.

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automation--generalHMImotors/motion controlnetworking/comm
PLCselectrical controlsprocess enhancement

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