Austin Consulting

Year Founded:1878
Annual Revenue:Over $50 million
Listing Last Updated:9/18/2018

Contact Information
Name:Frank Spano - Director
6095 Parkland Blvd.
ClevelandOH 44124 United States

Industries Served
aviation/airlinesbiotechnologybottling/canningcommunicationscomputers/info systems
consumer productsdiscrete manufacturingelectrical equipmentelectronicsfabricated metals
fiberglassfood/beveragemail ordermanufacturing--generalmaterial handling

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
automated assemblyindustrial engineeringinformation systemsinstallation/start-upinventory management
manufacturing engineeringpackagingplant/facilities engrprocess engineeringproduct tracking/ident
project planningsimulation/modelingsystems engineering

Corporate Affiliations
Not applicable

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
Austin Consulting provides engineering services in manufacturing, distribuiton and supply chain. For manufacturing, the company designs production processes, process layouts, material flows, material handling systems, maintenance operations, and manufacturing management systems. For distribution, they design distribution networks, warehouse layouts, material flows, material handling systems, maintenance operations, and distribution and warehouse management systems. For supply chain systems integration, they design information systems, bar code identification methods, data collection systems, interfaces with material handling systems, interfaces with plant and corporate information systems and application of e-commerce systems. Austin Consulting provides independent, objective counsel and they do not sell or develop equipment, computer software, or computer hardware products. Their consulting services typically involve conceptual, functional, and detailed design; implementation support; and project management. The company's consultants have in-depth experience in industry and consulting. Austin Consulting provides practical solutions using the latest technologies to make their clients' operations productive and competitive.