Automation Consultant LLC

Year Founded:2007
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:5/20/2010

Contact Information
Name:Igor Akseruld
9251 N sleepy Hollow LN
MIlwaukeeWI 53217 United States
Phone:414 540-1596

Corporate Resume
Automation Consultant, LLC identified a need in the automation marketplace for an engineering and project management firm that is capable of delivering turnkey automated solutions through individual efforts or joint-venture partnerships. The benefit of partnership versus a traditional fee-based relationship is the shared risk, lower cost and ability to change the system design without incurring increases in the fee structure. The design of an automated system often changes in the development process as new information becomes available either from the customer or supply chain vendors. Sharing the risk ensures that the system design is robust and commercially viable and that the inevitable design changes will not increase the cost of the final solution. Automation Consultant, LLC is prepared to work with a potential customer as a 50/50 partner in the joint development of a proprietary automated system. In return for delivery of the system design, engineering, and project management, Automation Consultant, LLC will agree to forego their engineering and project management fees in return for agreed-upon future payments which will be based on a per label fee for every label that is delivered across the automated label system. Details of the 50/50 partnership need to be detailed and agreed upon by both companies so each party believes this arrangement is a long term win-win.

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Engineering Specialties
automated assemblymotors/motion controlroboticsvision systems
high speed assemblyhigh speed visioncontinuous motion

Product Experience
ABBAllen-BradleyEaton CorporationFANUC Robotics

Corporate Affiliations
BraasTSD ManufacturingRevereCentral electric
Acro Automation

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