Streat Automation Ltd

Year Founded:1984
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:3/9/2013

Contact Information
First Floor, 25 Carlyle Street
Christchurch 8031 New Zealand
Phone:+64 3 353 4660
Fax:+64 3 353 4661

Industries Served

Engineering Specialties
batch processingCAD/documentationdata processing/mgmntmotors/motion controlPLCs

Corporate Resume
Streat Automation is a leading supplier of industrial process control and information systems. Their customers are to be found in New Zealand's primary industries, as well as in manufacturing, food processing, textiles, brewing, power generation and distribution, mining, heavy machinery manufacturing and consumer products manufacturing. The company has a well proven track record of reliability, with over twenty years experience in New Zealand and offshore markets. Their systems are used in more than thirty countries around the world. Steat Automation's customers confidently trust them to deliver turnkey, packaged projects, starting with development of the initial concept right through to after-sales support. This typically includes plant surveys, specifications and design, engineering and construction, hardware & software supply, installation, commissioning and operator training, comprehensive and professional documentation, and long-term continuing support. Every system Streat Automation supplies is customized to fulfill the customer’s specific and individual needs and complies with ISO 9001 international quality standards.