RAFA Solutions

Year Founded:2012
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:7/12/2016

Contact Information
Name:Rafayel Ghasabyan - CEO
Jebel Ali
Dubai  United Arab Emirates

Corporate Resume
RAFA Solutions is a systems integrator company specialized in Smart Machines and data acquisition/control systems. It provides Robust and Flexible Advanced Solutions for Machinery Control and Automation. Established in 2012, company actively collaborates with National Instruments Corporation. Currently we have a status of National Instruments Silver Alliance Partner. We are experienced in development and manufacturing of daughter boards for NI sbRIO, FlexRIO and other custom modules. In 2014 we launched our educational labs product line. Our educational products are already available for sales through our distributors network and have been delivered to tens of universities all over the world. Our team has the experience of building high quality, reliable and cost-effective products and solutions that can take industrial and manufacturing operations to a whole new level of efficiency. RAFA Solutions provides automation solutions and systems to a variety of industries including: Material Testing, Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Mining Industry , Automotive Industry, Energy Segment

Industries Served
energy--generalmachineryoil/gasraw materials

Areas Served
EuropeEuropean UnionMiddle EastAsia

Engineering Specialties
CNCcomputer hardwarecomputer softwaredata processing/mgmnt
embedded controlsmachine design/controlmaterial scienceFPGA development

Product Experience
National InstrumentsSiemens

Corporate Affiliations
National InstrumentsSiemens

Professional Affiliations