RTSoft Company

Year Founded:1992
Annual Revenue:
Listing Last Updated:5/20/2010

Contact Information
Name:Nadejda Kutsevich
Nikitinskaya Street, 3
Moscow 105037 Russia
Phone:+7 (495) 742 68 28
Fax:+7 (495) 742 68 29

Corporate Resume
RTSoft was founded in 1992. Over 15 years RTSoft has grown from a small company occupied with software supply for real-time systems (wherefrom its name Real-Time Soft originates) to a company which deals with a wide range of hardware and software products by foreign production and their own development. Today, RTSoft and its regional branches have more than 500 employees. Two main business units function in the company today - embedded computer technologies (embedded computer modules and systems, embedded operating systems, real-time operating systems and development tools) and industrial automation, control and information solutions (automation, monitoring, control, and optimization of the production and technological processes).

Industries Served
oil/gaspowerbuilding automationcommunications
engineering/constructionhydroelectric energynuclear energyprocessing
transportationchemical/petrochemicaldiscrete manufacturingelectronics

Engineering Specialties
building automationC/C++computer hardwarecomputer software
data collection/reportingdata processing/mgmntfactory automationHMI
industrial engineeringmanufacturing engineeringMESPLCs
power systems engrprocess controlSCADAVME systems
construction/architecturediscrete controlembedded controlsenergy management
process engineering

Product Experience
CitectSchneider ElectricWAGOWonderware
IntelMicrosoftABBICS Triplex

Professional Affiliations
OPC Foundation