ITG Technologies

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Listing Last Updated:8/17/2019

Contact Information
Name:James Ruiz - COO
11235 St. John's Industrial Parkway North
Unit #2
JacksonvilleFL 32246 United States
Phone:904 425 4760
Fax:904 425 4759

Corporate Resume
ITG is committed to providing the highest quality automation controls and IT services on time and on budget, measuring their success by customer satisfaction and their reputation. ITG provides full-service information technologies and automation solutions dedicated to delivering leading edge technology and systems integration services for the best value at the best price. The company brings a multi-disciplined team approach to every project. Each project is designed to be scalable with open architecture as well as integration and upgrading of existing systems.

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalcomputer softwarecondition monitoringcontrol panels
HMIinformation systemsinstr/data acquisitionmaintenance/repair
MESmotors/motion controlnetworking/commPLCs
power systems engrtraining/education