Solution Net Systems

Year Founded:1971
Annual Revenue:$25-50 million
Listing Last Updated:9/3/2020

Contact Information
472 California Road
QuakertownPA 18951 United States

Industries Served
automation/controlbuilding automationfood/beveragematerial handlingpharmaceuticals
postal/shippingtransportationwarehousingcomputers/info systemsgovernment/defense
manufacturing--generalmedical/health careaviation/airlinesprocessingtires
brewing/distillingelectronicsretailfood handlinge-commerce

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
computer softwareconveying/sortingelectrical engineeringembedded controlsmaterial handling
mechanical engineeringprocess engineeringproject managementproject planningresearch/development
systems engineeringcomputer hardwarelaboratory automationmachine build/retrofitmachine design/control
manufacturing engineeringmanufacturing planningMRP IInetworking/commPC-based controls
scheduling/logisticsautomatic test equipmentautomation--generalCAD/documentationfield service
instr/data acquisitionlabel print and applymodular systemsautomated scanning systemsdimension weigh and scanning

Product Experience
Accu-SortDatalogicOur own productsAllen-BradleyHoneywell
SiemensPanterID TechIntraloxOCS Technologies

Corporate Affiliations

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
Solution Net Systems, Inc.(SNS) is a global leader in the design and development of automated logistic systems providing integrated solutions for our customers. SNS specializes in upgrading warehouse management systems giving you real time information, connectivity of a fully integrated system, or developing solutions of all sizes. We offer innovative solutions providing design, engineering, integration, installation, program management, and technical support. We can deliver an island of automation handling a single task or act as the prime contractor delivering a fully automated facility. As veteran integrators we find the best solution to meet the specific project needs. We approach each customer requirement from several perspectives, ensuring we consider multiple possible solutions. We identify the best technologies, components, materials, and suppliers and systematically integrate them into a cohesive solution. Over 45 years our unique approach allows for custom systems in the transportation, e-commerce, retail, postal, food and pharmaceutical industries.