Brave Controls & Engineering, Inc.

Year Founded:1995
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:8/30/2019

Contact Information
Name:Dave Sosnoski - V.P. of Engineering
276 Sparks
GalesburgMI 49053 United States

Industries Served
pharmaceuticalsfruitcerealspice and ingredient

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
control panelselectrical engineeringHMImechanical engineeringPLCs
power systems engrprocess engineeringturnkey systems

Product Experience

Corporate Affiliations
Allen-BradleyKendall ElectricMotion IndustriesSaginaw Controls

Professional Affiliations
Society of Professional Engineers, MI and CAWBENC - Women's Business EnterpriseSmall Business AssociationChambers of Commerce

Corporate Resume
Brave is fearless in providing engineered solutions in food/beverage, industrial or bio-pharmaceutical processing, with experienced engineers with both mechanical and electrical background. Brave completes integrated controls and process engineering consisting of FEL, Process Design, Programming and Control Panel construction integrating value, quality and personal service into every project.