HSQ Technology

Year Founded:1979
Annual Revenue:$10-25 million
Listing Last Updated:10/12/2021

Contact Information
26227 Research Rd
HaywardCA 94545 United States
Phone:(510) 259-1334
Fax:(510) 259-1391

Corporate Resume
HSQ Technology, since 1979, has been a full service control system contractor providing turnkey control systems based on high performance workstations, servers, personal computers, RTUs, PLCs, DCUs and panels. HSQ's MISER control software provides the power of multiple platforms, distributed system redundancy, and simple yet powerful operator interface. Their line of Series 2500 programmable RTUs and Logic Controllers provides inexpensive control interfaces to field equipment in hostile environments. As a licensed contractor they provide a single source for all services including selection and installation of instrumentation, fiber optic systems, microwave communciations, radio systems, T1 carrier systems, controllers, and operators. HSQ systems are at work in energy management, power distribution, potable water, and control products from other vendors. HSQ's affiliates throughout the world provide local support for all HSQ systems.

Industries Served
water/wastewaterboiler controlschiller controls

Engineering Specialties
controlled atmosphereDCSinstr/data acquisitionPLCs
process controlsupervisory controlwater/wastewater

Professional Affiliations