Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services (AE2S)

Year Founded:1991
Annual Revenue:$25-50 million
Listing Last Updated:4/7/2015

Contact Information
Name:Allen Dostall - Controls Designer
6901 East Fish Lake Road Suite 184
Maple GroveMN 55316 United States

Corporate Resume
AE2S is a specialized civil/environmental consulting engineering firm that provides professional services and our unique brand of extreme client service to clients in the Upper Midwest. Our primary service is water - meaning water, wastewater, and storm water system consulting, which represents approximately 90 percent of our annual revenues. Within these primary services, we offer a total solution by providing master planning, capital improvement planning, study and report, design, bidding administration, and construction administration/observation. Surveying, mapping, geographic information systems (GIS), general civil engineering, and site development are also provided as stand-alone services or in support of our primary services. In addition to the more traditional consulting services listed above, we also provide value-added services such as assistance with State and Federal funding programs, project financing (bonding), utility financial health (revenue adequacy, cost of service, etc), asset management, vulnerability assessments, modeling, instrumentation and controls, and information technology.

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Engineering Specialties
data collection/reportingfield serviceinstallation/start-upnetworking/comm
SCADAwater/wastewaterfield equipment design

Product Experience
Allen-BradleyEmerson AutomationICONICSWonderware

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Caterpillar Werner ElectricJasper EngineeringIntegrated Process Solutions
Border States ElectricBerg Johnson and Associates

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