Meta Operations & Technology Pty Ltd.

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Listing Last Updated:7/23/2017

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Name:Stewart Blandford
395 Collins St
MelbourneVIC 3000 Australia

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Meta Operations & Technology ("Meta") is a business improvement practice, with specialist asset management and operations expertise. Meta was formed to improve organisational competitiveness through a range of services in support of assets and asset management systems and processes, to ensure assets are managed both cost-effectively and compliant with all mandated requirements. As the first partner within the Avantis Specialist Solution Provider program, Meta was a pioneer in the development of the program. Offering a range of asset management, maintenance and reliability engineering, condition management and operational readiness solutions, Meta is able to leverage Schneider Electric's Avantis technology suite to maximise return on business assets. Providing services throughout the Asia Pacific region, Meta has delivered solutions to variety of organisations like Horizon Power, AGL, Department of Justice & Regulation, Skilled Group and Boeing Aerostructures Australia. Meta's approach is cooperative and consultative, working closely with clients on progressive asset and operations solutions that enable their organisations to make sustainable improvements in operational performance. Meta looks to further build on this foundation as part of the Schneider Electric Avantis Ecosystem Partner Community, in the provision of best practice solutions to the Asia Pacific region.

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