Redi Technologies, LLC

Year Founded:2016
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:10/4/2019

Contact Information
Name:Randy Kirkendoll - Chief Operating Officer
9090 S Ridgeline Blvd
Suite 101
Highlands RanchCO 80129 United States

Industries Served

Areas Served
AsiaCaribbeanCentral AmericaEastern AfricaEurope
European UnionMiddle AfricaMiddle EastNorthern AfricaOceania
South AmericaSouthern AfricaWestern Africa

Engineering Specialties
HMIinstallation/start-upPLCsprocess controlsafety/security systems
SCADAsystems engineeringindustrial control system cybersecurityprocess hazards analysis facilitation

Product Experience
Bedrock AutomationInductive AutomationRockwell AutomationWonderware

Corporate Affiliations
Bedrock AutomationInductive AutomationRockwell Automation

Corporate Resume
Redi Technologies, LLC is a full service systems integration company offering complete engineering, programming, commissioning and startup services for a variety of heavy duty industrial clients. Redi Technologies was formed in March of 2016 and was spun off from the Redi Engineering Services company. We have been providing automation services since 2012 within Redi Engineering Services. Our staff has been providing systems integration work for our clients since the mid 1980’s. We are now partnered with the Department of Homeland Security Industrial Control System Joint Working Group (ICSJWG), the FBI INFRGARD system, and expanding our operations to include an ICS cybersecurity test lab partnering with the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range. We are at the forefront of communicating how real and significant the cyber war challenge is that we face right now. Whether you know it or not, if you own a computer, you are at war. If you are not protected, you will lose the battle.