Johansson Engineering, Inc.

Year Founded:1986
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:9/10/2010

Contact Information
Name:Leif Johansson - President
434 E. Saratoga St.
GilbertAZ 85296 United States

Industries Served
automation/controlautomotiveelectrical equipmentelectronicsOEM
test/measurementpackagingautomotive airbagsautomotive steering wheelspharmaceutical equipment manufacturing
laser-cutting equipment manufacturing

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalcomputer softwarecontrol panelselectrical engineeringmachine build/retrofit
machine design/controlresearch/developmentsystems engineeringcontrol software developmentcustom electronics design and fabrication
product development

Product Experience
Allen-BradleyAutomationDirectBanner EngineeringCognexKeyence

Corporate Affiliations
AutomationDirectAllied ElectronicsBorder States Electric SupplyHeitek AutomationMinarik Automation
Digikey Electronics

Corporate Resume
Johansson Engineering is a machine design and integration company. They have 19 years experience in the design, fabrication and installation of industrial equipment. Services include mechanical and electrical design and fabrication; control panel fabrication; system design and integration; and software development for PCs, PLCs and microcontroller systems. The company also offers product development, including proof-of-concept testing, prototype development and life testing. They provide in-house fabrication of mechancial, electrical and electronic assemblies as well as printed circuit board designs, layout and assembly. The company specializes in low volume, quick turn-around prototypes.