Production Robotics Inc.

Year Founded:1992
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:9/2/2014

Contact Information
Name:Leonard Ginsburg - President; Chief Engineer
7305-C Edgewater Drive
OaklandCA 94621 United States
Phone:510 777-0375

Industries Served
food processing

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
CNCcomputer softwarediagnosticselectrical engineeringmachine design/control
mechanical engineeringsystems engineeringprecision CNC machining

Product Experience
Adept TechnologyAllen-BradleyAutomationDirectOmron ElectronicsParker

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
Production Robotics Incorporated solves manufacturing quality, throughput, and cost problems by designing and building superior automated process, production, and packaging equipment to order. Every machine and automation system produced at Production Robotics is the best machine that can be built for the job. Production Robotics uses no formulas or standard platforms, but develops each system to respond optimally to the demands, constraints and environment unique to the application. Industries serve include Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical processing and packaging, Medical Devices and Diagnostics, Food Processing and General Industrial Manufacturing. All work is done by top engineering professionals with many years of automation experience. Every system is a turnkey solution ready to run like clockwork, day after day, year after year, cranking out the goods that build your customer's bottom line.