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Corporate Resume
21 CFR Part 11 - advanced process control (including adaptive, nonlinear, and multivariable controls) - analyzer systems - annealing and pickling - artificial intelligence and expert systems (including neural nets and fuzzy logic) - automated assembly - automated welding - automatic guided vehicles - automatic test equipment - automation and control engineering (including designs and implementation) - baggage handling - batch control (including recipe management) - batch processing and management - blending - building automation - C and C++ programming - CAD (computer-aided design), drafting, and documentation - calibration and certification - cell control - chemical engineering - civil and structural engineering - CNC (computer numerical control) - coating and finishing - combustion engineering (including boiler controls and burner management) - computer engineering - hardware - computer engineering - software and programming - condition monitoring (including predictive maintenance) - construction and architectural engineering - continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) - control panels (including fabrication, installation, and UL listing) - controlled atmosphere & HVAC - conveying and sorting - cranes and hoists - cybersecurity - data collection and reporting (including historians) - data processing and database management (including SQL programming) - DCS (distributed control systems) - designs and specifications (including P&ID development) - diagnostics (including remote diagnostics) - discrete and sequential control - discrete parts handling - dispensing and filling - electrical/electronics engineering (including electrical panels & electrical designs) - embedded controls - enclosures - energy management - environmental engineering (including air pollution) - ERP (enterprise resource planning) - factory automation - fault tolerant systems - fermentation - fiber optics - field service - financial analysis (including cost containment and justification) - flow control - hazardous environments - HMI (human-machine interfaces) and operator interfaces - hydraulics and pneumatics - industrial engineering - information systems (including IT, MIS and PIMS) - injection molding - installation, commissioning and start-up - instrumentation and data acquisition - international projects - inventory management and warehousing (including sorting and AS/RS) - laboratory automation - laser technology (including cutting, marking, scanning, and measurements) - level control - machine building and retrofitting - machine design and controls - machine tools - maintenance and repair services (including troubleshooting) - manufacturing engineering (including CIM) - manufacturing planning - manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) - material handling - material requirements planning (MRP) - mechanical engineering - MES (manufacturing execution systems) - motors, drives, and motion control (including AC, DC, and variable frequency drives) - networking and communications (including fieldbus, Ethernet, and telemetry) - packaging - PC-based controls - personal computers (PCs) - petroleum engineering (including pipelines) - pilot plants - plant and facilities engineering (including site planning and plant layout) - PLCs (programmable logic controllers), including installation and programming - power systems engineering (incl. generation, distribution, management, and control) - pressure control - process control and automation - process engineering (including analysis, design, and monitoring) - product tracking and identification (including barcodes and RFID) - project management - project planning and consulting - pumps, compressors, and turbines - quality and test engineering (including SPC and SQC) - regulatory compliance - research and development - robotics - safety, security, and emergency systems - SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) - scheduling and logistics - semiconductors - shop floor data - signal processing and conditioning - simulation, modeling, and optimization - staff augmentation - substation automation - supervisory control - systems engineering (including design and integration) - temperature control - test and inspection - thermodynamics - training and education - turnkey systems - utilities - validation - vision systems (including image processing and OCR) - Visual Basic programming - VME systems - waste processing - water, wastewater, and groundwater systems - web processes (including web handling and tension control) - Web-based technology (including monitoring, reporting, and communications) - wireless communication technologies

Engineering Specialties
21 CFR Part 11advanced controlAI/expert systemsanalyzer systems
annealing/picklingautomated assemblyautomated weldingautomatic guided vehicles
automatic test equipmentautomation--generalbaggage handlingbatch control
batch processingblendingbuilding automationC/C++
CAD/documentationcalibration/certificationcell controlCEMS
chemical engineeringcivil/structural engrCNCcoating/finishing
combustion engineeringcomputer hardwarecomputer softwarecondition monitoring
construction/architecturecontrol panelscontrolled atmosphereconveying/sorting
cranes/hoistscybersecuritydata collection/reportingdata processing/mgmnt
DCSdesigns/specificationsdiagnosticsdiscrete control
discrete parts handlingdispensing/fillingelectrical engineeringembedded controls
enclosuresenergy managementenvironmental engineeringERP
factory automationfault tolerant systemsfermentationfiber optics
field servicefinancial analysisflow controlhazardous environments
HMIhydraulics/pneumaticsindustrial engineeringinformation systems
injection moldinginstallation/start-upinstr/data acquisitioninternational projects
inventory managementlaboratory automationlaser technologylevel control
machine build/retrofitmachine design/controlmachine toolsmaintenance/repair
manufacturing engineeringmanufacturing planningmaterial handlingmechanical engineering
MESmotors/motion controlMRPMRP II
networking/commpackagingPC-based controlspersonal computers
petroleum engineeringpilot plantsplant/facilities engrPLCs
power systems engrpressure controlprocess controlprocess engineering
product tracking/identproject managementproject planningpumps/compressors/turbine
quality/test engineeringregulatory complianceresearch/developmentrobotics
safety/security systemsSCADAscheduling/logisticssemiconductors
shop floor datasignal process/conditionsimulation/modelingstaff augmentation
substation automationsupervisory controlsystems engineeringtemperature control
test/inspectionthermodynamicstraining/educationturnkey systems
utilitiesvalidationvision systemsVisual Basic
VME systemswaste processingwater/wastewaterweb processes
Web technologywireless