Arielsys Technologies LLC

Year Founded:2008
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:7/14/2010

Contact Information
Name:George Mann - Engineering Manager
2801 Queenstown Rd., Suite 109
BirminghamAL 35173 United States

Industries Served
automotivemanufacturing--generalpowerbatch manufacturing

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalbuilding automationcomputer softwarePLCsproduct tracking/ident
roboticssafety/security systemsSCADAsystems engineeringenterprise software

Product Experience
Allen-BradleyBeckhoff AutomationGE Automation & ControlsMitsubishiOmron Electronics

Corporate Affiliations
Omron ElectronicsRockwell AutomationPilz

Professional Affiliations
AIChEASMEIIE bSMEMinority Business Enterprise

Corporate Resume
Arielsys Technologies has over 22 years experience with robotic automation, controls and information technology. They also write custom drivers, server/client applications and SCADA PLC programs. From pulling the cables to commisioning production lines, Arielsys Technologies can handle all or part of a complete system design and installation. The company uses many different technologies working together to meet their customers' goals and objectives. They have experience training operators, designing patented systems to customer specifications, working with the IT department to integrate systems and designing turnkey solutions. Arielsys Technologies also has experience with PLC's, enterprise level systems, robotics, RFID and advanced security systems.