Soft Automation

Year Founded:1998
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:9/19/2015

Contact Information
Name:Frank Meyer - CEO
2805 Harmony Lane
MilfordMI 48380 United States
Phone:248 6858179

Corporate Resume
Soft Automation provides integration and consulting services. With a strong expertise in Industrial Automation, Machine Vision and a strong background in software development.Using an inhouse developed automation integration package called Automation Manager, we can bring together a mulitude of automation components into a usable application via a drag drop environment. This includes: 1)Machine Vision using different hardware platforms Epix, IDS, Imaging Source, Basler, JAI and more... using digital, analogue and linescan cameras. 2)Motion Control includes Software to display simple 2D CAD kinematics models. 3)Automation Control to Control devices/machine locally or remotely in a user configurable manner

Industries Served
automation/controlquality control/test

Areas Served
European Union

Engineering Specialties
automated assemblyautomatic test equipmentautomation--generalC/C++
cell controlcomputer softwarePC-based controlspersonal computers
quality/test engineeringvision systemsautomatic guided vehiclesAI/expert systems
metrology with lasers and/or camerasGRR

Product Experience
Our own products

Corporate Affiliations
Not applicable

Professional Affiliations
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