Year Founded:1990
Annual Revenue:$25-50 million
Listing Last Updated:11/20/2017

Contact Information
Name:Davy Demeyer
No.505, Lu Chun Road, Minhang
Shanghai 200245 China

Industries Served
chemical/petrochemicalenergy--generalfood/beveragelife sciencesmetals

Areas Served
AsiaEuropean Union

Engineering Specialties
DCSinformation systemsMESsafety/security systemsconsulting

Product Experience
Emerson Process MgmntMicrosoftOSIsoftRockwell AutomationSiemens

Corporate Affiliations
MicrosoftOSIsoftRockwell AutomationSiemensWonderware

Corporate Resume
Actemium’s mission is to help its European industrial clients to modernise and improve the performance of their industrial sites. Actemium uses its unique organisational structure – our principal strength – to provide expertise on production processes and research methods as well as infrastructure (buildings, utilities). Cross-fertilization for industry’s benefit and growth. Competent in diverse sectors of activity, the 110 business units in our network are located close to our clients. Our expert teams, specialised in electrical engineering, industrial automation and IT as well as instrumentation and mechanics, design and extend pertinent proposals, from the consultancy phase through to implementation, commissioning and assistance. The combination of expertise and dialogue between specialised business units produces creative and efficient solutions that benefit each of our clients.