Ghafari Associates

Year Founded:1982
Annual Revenue:$25-50 million
Listing Last Updated:9/30/2019

Contact Information
17101 Michigan Avenue
DearbornMI 48126 United States
Phone:(313) 441-3000
Fax:(313) 441-1545

Industries Served
discrete manufacturingfood/beveragegovernment/defensemachinerymanufacturing--general
material handlingprocessingquality control/testrubber/plastics/paintwarehousing

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalCAD/documentationconstruction/architecturemanufacturing engineeringmechanical engineering
automated assemblyelectrical engineeringindustrial engineeringmanufacturing planningmaterial handling
packagingstaff augmentationsystems engineeringproduct tracking/identanalyzer systems
automatic guided vehiclesbatch controlcoating/finishingdesigns/specificationsinstallation/start-up
inventory managementplant/facilities engrPLCsprocess controlprocess engineering
project managementproject planningscheduling/logisticsturnkey systemsBuilding Information Modeling
Laser Scanning

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
Ghafari Associates, LLC is a leading control system design and engineering company providing innovative turnkey controls solutions to manufacturers worldwide. As an independent, full service firm, Ghafari has the resources to offer objective, single source project support in the system integration, consulting and control panel design and build fields. A uniquely-qualified staff of managers, engineers, and programmers gives Ghafari the expertise to meet client demand for material handling and process system controls, as well as for machine tool and robotic applications. Ghafari's design services include system architecture, bid packages, standards and specifications, and logic development. Their system integration services allow for the integration of production, material handling, engineering and purchasing into a single controlled system. Additionally, Ghafari provides total control panel design and build services for relay logic, PLCs, and computer controlled systems. Ghafari augments its turnkey services with a "team solutions" approach which addresses each project individually and utilizes the finest internal and external resources. Ghafari assures quality support and timely, cost-efficient project completion by forming strategic alliances with many leading companies.