Ritchie Automation

Year Founded:1991
Annual Revenue:$5-10 million
Listing Last Updated:5/20/2010

Contact Information
Name:Wade Hickam - Presdient
2154 Utopia Avenue
NashvilleTN 37211-2049 United States
Phone:(615) 254-3982
Fax:(615) 254-1455

Industries Served
automotivecoating/finishingpaint automationindustrial paintautomotive sub-components

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
automated assemblyautomation--generalcomputer softwareelectrical engineeringHMI
information systemsmechanical engineeringcontrol software

Product Experience
Allen-BradleyEmerson AutomationRockwell AutomationRockwell SoftwareSchneider Electric

Corporate Affiliations
ABBRockwell AutomationWonderware

Corporate Resume
Ritchie Automation is a full service systems integrator specializing in several areas of automation, including paint application and finishing systems, machine vision applications, robotic and automated manufacturing systems, and automated material handling systems. The company's engineering capabilities cover a full range of disciplines - electrical and PLC design, software and control systems (Visual Basic, C++ application, and .NET), networking and information/database development and management, pneumatics and fluids, mechanical design, robotics systems integration, and machine vision and optics. Ritchie Automation maintains an in-house panel shop which builds and tests all control enclosures. They also provide system setup and integration services supporting both in-house and field operations, including site level installation and installation management.