KnowledgeScape Systems

Year Founded:1990
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:5/20/2010

Contact Information
Name:Mike Hales - Manager of Engineering
254 South 600 East, Suite 202
Salt Lake CityUT 84102 United States
Phone:(801) 413-2809
Fax:(801) 880-6270

Industries Served
millingmining/mineralsOEMraw materialscoal
pulp/papersemiconductorminerals processing

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
advanced controlAI/expert systemsanalyzer systemsautomation--generalDCS
HMIinternational projectsprocess controlprocess engineeringsupervisory control
batch controlblendingbuilding automationcell controlchemical engineering
CNCcombustion engineeringcomputer hardwaredata processing/mgmntdiscrete control
factory automationinstr/data acquisitionpilot plantsPLCssimulation/modeling
turnkey systemswater/wastewater

Product Experience
DellOur own productsABBAllen-BradleyEmerson Automation
FoxboroCisco SystemsGensymHoneywellOpto 22
Rockwell AutomationSiemensSIXNETWonderwareYokogawa

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
KnowledgeScape Systems primarily designs and installs real-time expert control systems with adaptive neural network models and genetic algorithm optimization for the processing industries. Our project include a variety of planning, consulting and implementation services to industrial clients for automation and processing systems. We offer their clients total solutions for their factory automation needs including plant audits, instrumentation specification, DCS/PLC/MMI configuration and expert system design and implementation. KnowledgeScape Systems is staffed with control systems specialists with backgrounds in metallurgical, chemical, petroleum, mechanical and electrical engineering. Members of the company's team designed the first distributed computing control systems for minerals plants in the early 1970s and have consistently pioneered control technology advances leading to intelligent, adaptive expert systems. Today's competitive markets demand continuing improvement as the price for survival and growth. Well designed stabilizing control systems and expert supervisory controls can increase the efficiency of a new or existing facility. Having personnel very experienced in the areas of process control and expert system design, KnowledgeScape Systems can help clients select and/or implement instrumentation and control systems to improve plant performance.