RidgeTech Automation Inc

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Listing Last Updated:7/28/2016

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Name:Kyle Harloff - Account Manager
250 Royal Oak Rd
CambridgeONT N3E 0A4 Canada
Phone:(226) 475-1208 ext: 104

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalelectrical engineeringHMIinstallation/start-upMES
motors/motion controlPLCsproject managementproject planningrobotics
SCADAsystems engineeringtraining/educationmachine monitoring

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Corporate Resume
RidgeTech Automation Inc. was built to specialize in control systems integration, with a keen understanding that there is a much bigger picture. The control system is the nerve centre of a much larger entity, and we work hard to ensure that our solutions consider every aspect of the machine or system. Throughout a project’s life cycle, we continuously refocus our attention to the process, mechanical designs, safety requirements, quality requirements and the operator interfaces. We tailor the control system to meet those needs.