Complete Integration and Services LLC

Year Founded:2009
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:7/14/2010

Contact Information
Name:Bob Baker - Owner
11 Gunia Drive
La SalleIL 61301 United States

Industries Served
agriculturalautomotivematerial handlingmining/mineralsutilities

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
computer softwareHMImotors/motion controlPLCsSCADA
utilities Diesel engine control

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Corporate Resume
Complete Integration and Services, LLC, offers custom control systems and system integration for the water and wastewater industries, previously as Complete Industrial Special Products Div. Complete Integration currently has 8 employees, 1 in fabrication and wiring, 3 in system programming, 2 in design, 1 clerical and 1 manager. Complete Integration is a UL 508A panel shop. They have been manufacturing control panels for 43 years. Complete Integration and Services provides instrumentation, control panels, and MCC’s in their designs so they can test the total control scheme prior to shipment. They can also provide computer simulations of the process variables to run the control system in a virtual test prior to implementation. Complete Integration generally get projects that other integrators turn from because of their complexity, the time frame required, or la ack of qualified employees. They also do jobs that are competitively bid by all comers. They work directly with their customers to find a solution and work the project to its full completion.